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tThis might seem like a fairytale, you might even laugh from it. You will say that something so strange is impossible.

But this is certainly my mother’s story. The person my mother fell in love with was a wolf-man.

this movie killed me

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today was a good day

"That one is written like thin ice but pronounced like verglas. But at other times, it can be read as glazing. That one has a pretty ring to it, doesn’t it?”

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Tokyo Ghoul - ending cards

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"You're not one of us".

Makita + smiling

Love Stage!! Ending

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Favourite Movies [in no order]:
● Wolf Children 2012: “
He told me to keep smiling through tough or painful times, even if I had to force myself to do it. Because I’d probably be able to get through them if I did.”


I’m supposed to be doing maths revision but there’s a typo on one of the worksheets


It's hilarious.
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